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Poetic Criticism

I don’t think you have succeeded with this. A bit nineteenth century and cliched at that.“cutting tools of angst” are you cutting tools of angst or are the tools of angst (sounds like a Philip Jose Farmer novel title) cutting?
“fiery thrust” – Frankensteinien.
“dazzle the reader of this quickstep” at least we’re in the twentieth century here – just.
Then it lapses back to the archaic melodrama with the crescendo of:
“to scorch the page with the glowing blade
of angered observation.” //at least it has some tempo. But the pentameter gives it an even more Jane Eyre feel.

The last stanza actually has a bitter voice, highlighted when referring to
“the bitter critics” // ending as it started with a cliche.

For an exercise in Victoriana poetry that doesn’t really say anything but rather evokes bitterness and “angst” it works. But it reminds me of something I might read on a tombstone in one of those cemetries with a statue of Queen Victoria nearby and gargoyles all over the place. Or a Hammer Horror film with no plot.

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