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The McCanns should take a Lie Detector Test?

I just posted a couple of comments on some UK newspaper websites suggesting this but they’ve been censored. I read the idea on another blog. I must admit that I had not thought of this before. The problem for me with this whole case is that I only know what I read or see. It seems odd to me that they have not thought of this themselves. They seem to have thought of everything else: PR, Lawyers, litigation and so on.

Of course lie detector tests are not determinative in the UK legal system because they are not admissable as evidence. However the case does seem to be playing out in the Court of Public Opinion. I would have thought passing a lie detector test would be more effective in gaining worldwide goodwill than expensive lawyers and a PR machine.

I hope they are innocent, I really do. But whatever the outcome the whole incident is a tragedy for all the family whatever happened. It’s the little girl we should think of.

I think there is a bloodlust in the air. This may or may not be justified.

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