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New Planet

This is an amazing picture of a new planet the Hubble telescope found. Of course it could be a firework. But then again they reckon that a load of white dots and squiggles on a black background proves Einstein’s Guess – sorry Theory of Relativity is right, and furthermore that the Universe is thirteen and a half billion years old. Not sure about the Quantum Guess, or String Guesswork. All a load of scientism, scientology, science, or perhaps just wild guesses and stabs in the dark. Might as well pick a horse using a pin, it’s just as valid as any of the guesses. Anyway nice picture.



New Planet


Mars – Amazing

It looks like an orange that’s been dropped from the second floor onto the pavement and split. A meteor hit it some time ago now, and the Martians being clever people new it was coming and came to the Earth to live, you see we’re all Martians really, that’s why Mars fascinates humans: we build high towers, and pyramids, and obsess about space travel, and hanker for something that’s just beyond imagining, and want explanations for everything.

Because we want to go home.

New Planet



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