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HBOS next to go bust and Geordies go ape – LOL

The bubble has burst. The banks have spent the last decade blowing it up and now it has burst in their faces. I feel more sympathy for the shareholders, and the pensioners whose pensions are devalued as a result of the bubble. These merchant bankers have colluded in ramping up the housing market to generate commissions for themselves. It is the pensioners and home buyers who are going to lose billions, the bankers will go fishing. They don’t need our sympathy, they aren’t suffering at all.

If you’ve got money on deposit in banks realise you will only be covered for £35,000.00 in the UK. There is no way that the Bank of England will help another bank. The Northern Rock was a special case, because the northern based Labour Party needed to protect the feckless geordies who borrowed money. Money they could never afford to pay back if interest rates went up a tenth of one per cent.

Talking of geordies I see Newcastle United and Kevin Keegan are starring in their own pantomime. The fans are the panto horse. I saw a dude from geordie land wittering on about how geordies should run the club. Now that made me laugh. Say a hundred thousand geordies decided to buy the club. That will cost about four grand a piece. And that’s for a load of debt. Then they need probably the same again to pay the debt off and be at a zero starting point. Then they need the same again to buy a team and a manager. Not likely is it? Now this Ashley fellow would appear to be a cockney, like me. Now geordies don’t like us. I should know I lived amongst them for thirty years. Predictably they are insulting the poor bloke and threatening his family. The thing he should remember is that most geordies are all mouth and trousers, full of wind and piss and couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Manchester United fans, back in the seventies, the heyday of football hooliganism easily trounced thousands of them (they’re usually to pissed to do much). If I was Ashley I’d let the club disappear into the League and then the conference. I mean all the lad has tried to do is help the ungrateful soft cocks out. Look how he gets repaid. Now Newcastle supporters aren’t typical geordies, although they think they are, and I hope Ashley craps all over them. Threatening his family? What a bunch of turds in black and white shirts.

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