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A new poem by Ivor Griffiths; 21st May 2014

Juxtaposed Carnal Conjugation – Natural Bliss:

Sub-tropical, antediluvian pastoral paradise;

Eden, dazzling whiteness, sublime beauty, perfection,
                         softly accepts the diamond.

She said:

"Control me, mould me, shape me,
bind me, scratch me, hold me;
just for you I’ll be there, now two,
just for you; only me, now two,
just for you; only you. Now two.
Only two."

Minds enclosed, conjoined.
Danced, magically as one, flying,
above the enchanted glade. Kissed: a love-miracle immediate.


Twilight, mist descended, pink petals reddened,
opened; they possess, they embrace, surrounded with sound;
darkness rises, yellow moonlight encircled them
looking through his eyes, intertwining her mind
deep inside, together as one, rising
entwined, coiled — immaculate. Unbreakable.


Red star supernova, collapse of gravity,
breaking through, we stop time, twist time,
fluttering; expanding waves – quivering,
biting, scratching; spirals colliding,
stardust auroras a sparkling glow growing:
red, orange, yellow, blinding white
hot, lasting forever; one heart together.
One love, one soul, one moment.

Only one.

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