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Back from mourning

It’s been over a year. A hard year. We had a hamster who died on the 3rd June 2011. A year to the day after Bounce.

Anyway it’s a full moon soon, so I’m back to writing again.

At least with Kindle I’m guaranteed a publisher. Even if it is only little old me.

I aim to finish the novel and publish an anthology of poetry before Christmas. I’m not sure if it will be THIS Christmas but I’ll try to get one of them done. Available on Amazon.

I’d thought that Kindle and the like would kill books but now I’m not so sure. The readers will have the power now rather than the publishing houses. They’ll decide what gets read. I’m hoping my background in website development and online marketing will help me promote the books. I hope to get round to fixing the broken links on the site as well.

Thanks for all the support and kind comments about my lost boy Bounce.