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The Kind Guide

The Kind Guide

The unrequited kind is mine

The not necessarily returned, closed heart kind,

The not spurned, nor, yet anyway, kind;

the burnt kind on crumpled mind and cursed kind; verse of worse,

seasonal autumnal needful feelings.

Immersed birthday letters;

proverbs, devoid of adverbs; love flutering

softly feathering caresses, last moments.

Shady luck;

Trick of chance

cannot feel your thoughts; can see you dance;

cannot hear your thoughts; can see you dance;

cannot imagine feelings; can see you dance;

cannot but would; Molly showed me the ecstasy of seeing the way other kind see, the right kind not my kind.

The guide I can love forever; that love is mine, forever;

I decide to end that not you, or her or him either.




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